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  • 3/3/2023 Three students presented at IEEE ICBDA2023. Jia C. Feng (M2) received the Best Presentation Award.
  • 2023/3/9 Ten students presented at DEIM2023. 3 students (Okada (M2), Higuchi (B4), Zhu (B3)) received Presentation Award.
  • A doctor course student, Ms.Eint Sandi Aung, received the best paper award at the 24th International Conference on Information Integration and Web Intelligence (iiWAS 2022)
  • 9 students presented their papers at DEIM2022 and 2 of them received “Online Presentation Award”
  • Yamana Lab. exhibits at Waseda Open Innovation Forum 2022 (WOI’22)
  • Research Area

    Technologies to extract valuable information from massive data, and infrastructures to manage them.

    Research Policy & Topics

    Based on the slogan “Aim for the No.1 technology!,” enjoy researching to improve our lives with external laboratories, including other universities, industries and national institutes.

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    Research Results

    Classification system of handwritten answer sheets into each answer strategy
    sonic Sonic: Web Crawling System
    Parallel distributed Web crawling system

    A Framework for Parallel Distributed Data-Stream Processing
    logo Leap-motion-js-api-for-website-navigation
    API for Leap Motion When Navigating Websites

    FCMalloc: A Fast Memory Allocator for Fully Homomorphic Encryption

    MCMalloc: A Scalable Memory Allocator for Multithreaded Applications on a Many-Core Shared-Memory Machine
    Outsourced Private Set Intersection Cardinality with Fully Homomorphic Encryption
    Privacy-Preserving Recommendation for Location-Based Services with Fully Homomorphic Encryption